Yoga Classes

Balance Within Yoga offers a variety of ways to learn yoga.

Group Classes for Adults

Classes are small in size (2-6 students). They arrange from beginner to advance level in techniques and in experiences.

- Mindful Movement classes are for those who have never had a yoga class, or have limited flexibility. It is a slow paced, more instructional class. This class works all the joints, muscles, bones and is an excellent class for any age or fitness level. Yoga breathing is practiced and philosophy is discussed.

- Energized Prana Vinyasa classes are for those who have studied yoga and are familiar with the postures. A class may offer quick flows or advanced yoga postures. Breath work is more advanced and yoga philosophy is discussed.

Class Fees:

  • Single class: $20.00 for 75 minutes.
  • 4 classes for $60.00 (use in 5 weeks).
  • 8 classes twice a week for $100.00 (use in 4 weeks).
  • 12 classes three/times a week for $120.00 (use in 4 weeks).

Private Sessions

These classes are offered to those who need more personalized instructions. It benefits those who need attention to specific physical limitations or those who want a more therapeutic personalized class to fit their needs. Yoga Styles that may be offered are yoga therapy or a Viniyoga (right application). Mental and emotional health counseling is available using the modality of yoga, cognitive/behavioral therapy, ayurvedic medecine/techniques and spiritual counseling!

Private Sessions are available by appointment - $60.00/hr.
4 sessions (4 consecutive sessions for an hour) bought as a package - $200.00

Teen Classes

An hour class introducing yoga postures, breath work and relaxation technique appropriate for the mental and physical developmental changes in adolescence. Incorporated spiritual and social awareness of being a teen in today's society. Can be combined with Adult Classes or group classes can be offered if 6 Teens request it.

Each class is $20.00/hr. or can buy into adult package.

Workshops and Seminars

Balance Within Yoga offers theme workshops to children and adults in the community. Many school programs, corporations, or nonprofit organization benefit by offering a unique self- participating seminar to their students, employees, or volunteers. Whatever the goal of the organization is, yoga helps build a sense of union, a sense of collective consciousness in a calming peaceful atmosphere which is optimal for one's learning and growth.

Workshop's themes and fees are negotiated between Balance Within Yoga and the interested party.


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  • "My yoga practice benefited greatly from Balance Within Yoga and Wellness Studio - they are the best at what they do and make you feel right at home."
    Jane Smith - Westlake, OH
  • "After today's class I want to thank you for all you have helped me through. You and your yoga classes have helped me realize so much about who I am. I am so much core aware of my thoughts and my feelings. I leave each class thinking that your meditation was written for me! As I said before, God bring the right people into our lives at the right time."
  • "I am deeply grateful that the universe gifted me with a connection to you. After even the few sessions I've attended, I know yoga will become a vital part of my spiritual journey. It is so evident to me that you bring incredible authenticity of mind, body and soul to your role as teacher. Thank you for everything you give to creating each class with such deep intention. Namaste."