Private Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions Customize Your Exercise

Today's group yoga classes are a modern invention. In its early days, the practice was passed down from one teacher to one student, and instruction was individualized. Whether you're a novice or an advanced practitioner, private yoga classes at Balance Within Yoga and Wellness Studio can mimic early yoga teaching methods and help with stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and lack of concentration. We will help you sculpt your muscles while improving flexibility and balance, and you will receive the personal attention you need to get the most out of every asana, or pose.

The Health Benefits of Private Yoga Instruction

Private yoga sessions with one of our certified instructors are an investment that pays dividends in increased weight loss, greater flexibility, improved balance, enhanced strength and sharpened mental focus. One-on-one instruction at Balance Within Yoga and Wellness Studio lets you focus on problem areas -- you can sculpt specific muscle groups or work on loosening tight hamstrings, for example. If you have an injury or medical condition, private yoga classes let you modify this low impact workout to prevent injury. Aside from their health benefits, private sessions at Balance Within Yoga and Wellness Studio with one of our certified instructors can teach you how to use home practice and group classes to meet your practice goals. If you would like your practice to help you achieve a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical goal, our private instruction can point you in the right direction.

Yoga and Mental Rehabilitation

Yoga is wonderful in that it provides tangible benefits in terms of both physical and mental health. Improvements to mental wellbeing are particularly profound among yoga participants suffering from stress depression, anxiety or other associated disorders.

A variety of studies highlighted by experts point to yoga's efficacy as a form of stress modulation.2 This is attributed to the practice's emphasis on deep breathing, an activity said to elicit such immediate bodily responses as a slower heart rate and decreases in blood pressure. These physical effects underlie the profound mental calming that occurs during a successful yoga session. By focusing on deep breathing, as well as specific poses and transitional movements, the participant is able to let go of the anxieties that otherwise make it impossible to experience true peace of mind. This is every bit as true for a yogi experiencing mild anxiety as it is for one suffering from severe mental illness.

Yoga continues to change lives, promoting miraculous recoveries among those with mental and physical ailments. When utilized correctly, this practice proves transformative in all aspects of life.

Yoga and Physical Therapy

As a report from the New York Times alleges, neither group lessons or one-on-one yoga classes can serve as sufficient replacements for physical therapy, particularly when participants suffer from such debilitating conditions as arthritis or multiple sclerosis.1 However, the regular practice of targeted yoga poses can have profound effects when incorporated into an overarching physical therapy plan.

Many physical therapists actually instruct their clients on specific yoga moves in hopes of improving strength or flexibility in targeted areas. The key is receiving accurate feedback from a trained professional -- for those suffering from moderate to severe physical impediments, the wrong yoga move can result in greater injury.

Yoga for Rehab: How to Incorporate Asanas into Recovery

Most of those who participate in regular yoga sessions do so in hopes of improving their strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. While the achievement of such goals may serve as an excellent first step in preventing a wide array of illnesses and conditions, the proactive yoga approach may remain out of reach for those currently suffering from physical and mental ailments. Fortunately, such individuals are also well served from the incorporation of yoga into everyday life -- research shows that, when performed correctly, yoga can induce profound rehabilitative effects.


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  • "My yoga practice benefited greatly from Balance Within Yoga and Wellness Studio - they are the best at what they do and make you feel right at home."
    Jane Smith - Westlake, OH
  • "After today's class I want to thank you for all you have helped me through. You and your yoga classes have helped me realize so much about who I am. I am so much core aware of my thoughts and my feelings. I leave each class thinking that your meditation was written for me! As I said before, God bring the right people into our lives at the right time."
  • "I am deeply grateful that the universe gifted me with a connection to you. After even the few sessions I've attended, I know yoga will become a vital part of my spiritual journey. It is so evident to me that you bring incredible authenticity of mind, body and soul to your role as teacher. Thank you for everything you give to creating each class with such deep intention. Namaste."